How To Get Your WordPress Web Design Noticed?

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WordPress offers the chance to create an amazing theme for website and develop amazing portfolio. However, search engines like Google or Yahoo do not care whether you have a beautiful theme for your website or portfolio. You should have proper Meta tags, filenames and keywords other than various web design technical details that are meant for search engine optimization (SEO). You have to be capable of optimizing your website, so that your WP web design becomes useful. Find out about some of the best tops to get the designs noticed.

Go for SEO Themes

It is advised that you use SEO-optimized themes. Numerous themes use a lot of code to create layout and design. Search engines like Google are known to find suitable content through every source code block.

Develop Site Map

The WordPress website that you design needs to comes with an XML sitemap. You can easily develop site maps with the help of plugins such as Google XML. You can also use other tools such as Website Optimizer and Webmaster Central for creating site maps.

Optimize your website content

You can only ensure effectual optimization once you have superior and unique content with the most suitable keywords that can highlight the entire theme. Your content has to be readable, clear and precise. You should target your text for readers and never for the search engines.

Highlight the keywords

It is essential that you highlight particular keywords or informative content on your website. You should use H1 to H6 tags for highlighting vital sentences, subtitles or headings that are highly useful in recognizing your website. However, it can be dangerous if you overdo this for your own website.

Exchange Backlinks

Search engines will recognize your WordPress website once you successfully exchange back-links with various high authority websites. It is important to link the pages in the WP website that you have designed, although you should never do this with irrelevant links. It is essential that you do not cram links.

Use Short Permalinks

It is essential to use short permalinks that are understandable. In any permalink, the first four words are highly relevant. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are mainly interested about the first few words that come up in the permalinks.

Use proper image file names

You should implement keywords strategically in the image file names for your WordPress website, and put important title tag and alt tag to make your images relevant for Google and other search engines.

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